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Ralph Response Team

As part of the Ralph's Responders program, it was realized how important early education is on preparing for disasters and to include family pets. Below are some coloring and activity books that anyone can download to share. The newest book, Hurry Hurry Hurricane, is in both a color and uncolored version, and includes discussion questions at the end of the book that educators can use to help start discussion. 

Hopefully, this will encourage children to take what they've learned home and get their family thinking about emergency preparedness.

Ready and Living Prepared Horses(Ralph)- activity book

Viviendo Listos y Preparados: Caballos- Spanish activity book

Hurry, Hurry, Hurricane- coloring book

Hurry, Hurry, Hurricane- colored story book

Corre, Apresurate Huracane - Spanish story book

Pet Go-Bag Bingo! Tip- Use the pet bag tag or pull from a go bag to call out items.


A special thank you to the artist Morgane Schmidt of The Idea of Order for bringing these images to life.

Ralph's Responders